Costa Blanca Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are dramatic, traffic-stopping, full colour images printed onto self adhesive vinyl and installed over your vehicle's paintwork and is an extremely powerful advertising medium that allows you to literally 'drive home' your message to any potential customers. Your images will be seen not only when your vehicle is driven, but also when parked in prime spots, residential areas and even on your own driveway. We can wrap as much or as little as you require, the vinyl does no harm to the vehicle and indeed helps to protect the paintwork from the elements and can easily be removed or changed to suit your requirements. Now businesses of any size can implement their own unique advertising campaigns to suit their budget and help generate significant numbers of new customers for years to come, 24/7, 365 days per year.

Low Cost Vehicle Wrap
*Prices dependant on design complexity, vehicle type and preferred choice of vinyl and laminate.